Lifelong Learning Makes for Better Community Leaders: Here’s How to Expand Your Knowledge and Skill Set

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If there’s one thing community leaders should never stop doing, it’s learning. According to Ivey Business Journal, the best leaders are continuous learners. It’s critical for leaders to seek out valuable information, put their findings into practice, and share newfound knowledge with members in their community.

To encourage lifelong learning and take some of the work out of finding valuable information, Kids Need 2 Eat offers helpful resources for community leaders in the sections below.

Opportunities for Continuous Learning

Learn something new every day with these great opportunities for lifelong learning.

  • Become a continuous learner by applying these 10 tips from Anders Pink. These tips will help you to set learning goals, find information from a variety of reputable sources, and reflect on what you’ve learned so you’ll be more likely to retain it.
  • Read these 10 leadership books recommended by Forbes’ exclusive Coaches Council.
  • Listen to educational podcasts. If you subscribe to your favorites, you can have them delivered to your mobile device as soon as they’re released. Fortunately, you can find an almost endless supply of podcasts via Apple and SoundCloud.
  • Go back to school and obtain an online master’s degree in cybersecurity and information assurance, data analytics, or information technology management. Depending on your college background and career goals, other possible areas of study may include business, health, or education.

Clubs and Organizations for Community Leaders

Expand your knowledge and connect with other leaders in your community by joining a professional club or organization.

  • Join your local chamber of commerce so you can learn, grow and connect with other local business leaders.
  • Consider becoming a member of your local Rotary Club or similar service organization.
  • Join Toastmasters International to become a better public speaker and communicator.
  • Seek like-minded individuals through Meetup groups. This can help you grow your network of professionals, which is something any leader can benefit from.

Lifelong learning is beneficial to you — the community leader — and also to other leaders and community members. And fortunately, these tips and resources will help to improve your knowledge and competencies to make for a stronger, more adaptable leader in your community.

Volunteering with KN2E is another great way to build on your lifelong learning, as well as contribute to your community. For more information, call 405-308-9158

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